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Entrecasteaux by bike

Entrecasteaux represents the essence of La Provence Verte (Green Provence) witch is a restful not very hilly area far from the bustling costline.
It is noted for its Chateau (old fortress XIe - rebuilt XVIIe), and explorer Antoine Bruny d'Entrecasteaux (1737 - 1793), known for his exploration of the Australian coast in 1792, while searching for La Pérouse expedition.

Cycling nearby means criss-cross the countryside without any intend to use thegranny gear for demanding climbs. But a good plan in summer heat waves to stay on safe cool and low traffic roads through the woods.
Entrecasteaux is on the Mediterranean long-distance cycling route EuroVelo 8 (EV8) running from Cadiz, Spain to Athens, Greece.
It follows the lost 1-meter gauge railway Nice-Meyrargues that once crossed the Var with nearby stops at Barjols, Sillans-la-Cascade, Salernes, Lorgues.

Entrecasteaux - Cycling Routes nearby

Area : Provence Verte
Distance : 67 km
Difficulty Rating : 2/5

67 km loop along Argens river and through the Provence Verte (green Provence) and the castle of the Lords of Entrecasteaux (XIe century).

Area : Haut-Var
Distance : 80 km
Difficulty Rating : 2/5

80 km loop between Provence Verte and Haut-Var. Very scenic balcony road between Tourtour and Aups.
Nice 15 km section of the EuroVelo 8 between Saint-Antonin and Flayosc.
Be careful in the unlit three short unpaved tunnels between Sauve-Clare and Flayosc. It may be wise to get off the bike.



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