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Plage des Éléphants (Sainte Maxime)

Very narrow but long sandy beach.The war memorial held right by the beach reminds us that the allied forces landed here in August 1944.Water is shallow and sealife is usually above par.
A clic here on Plage des Éléphants (Sainte Maxime) opens a new window with full size online map.

Getting there (Estimated time needed in July-August)
 Estimated time by car | directions on request 44 mn
 Estimated time riding a race-road bicycle (av. speed 28 km.p.h if flat & 22 if hills ) | directions on request 71 mn
 Travel time by train | directions on request 13 mn + Estimated time riding a city or hybrid bicycle (av. speed 17 km.p.h) | directions on request 67 mn = 80 mn
All year round facilities - How far from ?
Restaurant at 3000 m
Grocery store at 3000 m
Village at 3000 m
Facilities during the peak summer season
Restaurant or grocery nearby
x Shadded spots
x Baignade surveillée (beach supervised)
Plage privée (private beach club)
Public shower
Public toilets
x Access for disabled persons
Water sport available on the beach or nearby. Take a look at FIND WATER SPORTS at Plage des Éléphants (Sainte Maxime) for further information.
More details
Shallow water - easy to get in the water (light slope)
x Very likely to be crowded in July August
  Sea floor in swimming zone:  sand - rocks - posidonia meadow
  Not recommended by strong wind heading  EAST
GPS 43.331023 N 6.668626 E