Seaside activities in Provence and French Riviera - Opening section



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So many different spots can be reached along the coast by car, train, bus, boat or bicycle to swim, to practice water sports, to walk, to visit or just to relax !

a beach for everyone

Wether you prefer a large crowded urban family sandy beach or a small unspoiled cove with pebbles suitable for swimming, you are going to find here your favorite.
We suggest a selection among 93 beaches officially numbered between Le Trayas and Cavalaire.
All beaches are reachable within 20 mn to 90 mn in high season.
The SEARCH BEACHES tab gives you access to a set of selection and sort criteria so that your screen shows only the spots that match your expectations.

In the case activities/water sports are available on the beach or nearby, a dedicated direct link to Water Sports tab can be followed to find the relevant information.

By default, display criteria is --Any-- beaches and sort criteria is --Time-- (travel time to arrive by the beach).
Since low mountain ranges le Massif des Maures and le Massif de l'Esterel border the sea,you can also select them in the location list.
The four lansdscape-categories of beaches you can also select in the drop-down list are described below.


urban-beach Typically large crowded beach with a wide range of water-based activities available. All facilities like restaurants or shopping at short walking distance. Access is usually easy for everyone.In some large urban areas (whole costline from Nice to Mandelieu, Saint Raphaël, Fréjus, Sainte Maxime, Saint Tropez) the beach is very likely to be lined with buildings. For a natural experience, next category is more suitable.
Urban Beaches


natural-beach Still spacious usually sandy beach in a more natural environment. Some water sports like jet skiing may be available. Bar, snack or restaurant sometimes by the beach over the summer period.Although situated between town centres, access is often possible by public transport.Appropriate details are provided for all spots.
Natural Beaches

Picnic Facilities

picnic-facilities-beach Not only beach ! The place where families or friends gather together on Sundays. At the menu: Pastis de Marseille (aperitif) or rosé; picnic; some games and strategic activities… like nap under maritime pine trees! A perfect spot for the traditional partie de pétanque (bowls made of steel played here in south of France) too.
Picnic Facilities Beaches

Calanque (Remote Inlet)

calanque Classically more difficult to locate and sometimes physically challenging to access. Maybe the reason why can be surprisingly quiet. Very likely with no bars, no restaurants, no shops, no shade, no nothing !... but nature. Do not forget umbrella and a bottle of water !

Just do it...

et bon plongeon !

Water Sports

The SEARCH WATER SPORTS tab gives you access to a drop-down list with a choice of activities so that your screen shows only the spots that match your selection.
The second drop-down list allows you to select the location.
The last drop-down list allows you to choose a criteria to sortthe output spot list.

Water activities available for selection are:

Beach Volleyball
Beach Soccer
Water Skiing
Jet Skiing

By default, display criteria is --Any-- activities and sort criteria is --Time-- (travel time to arrive by the spot).

Just do it...

et amusez-vous bien !


Le sentier du littoral (Coastline path) follows the coast in many different places. Walking on these narrow footpaths also called sentier des douaniers (frontier guard path) is a good idea to catch some fresh sea air and learn about mediterranean wildlife.
As return walk is not very exciting on the same track, we have designed loops using the most relevant sections. For the way back to the car or to l'Oustaou d'Aqui with public transport, we suggest another path through the countryside, an arrêt de bus (bus stop) or a gare (railway station).
Some section can be taken - then left - after a short distance. Some are half-day walk.And some, for more adventurous, are full day walk in the nature with magnificent sceneries.
There are sorted accordingly:

Little leisurely walk - short local outings
In summertime, we may occasionally follow le sentier du littoral without being aware. Indeed, it runs along - and leads -, by nature, to some beaches !You can take it on short distance after swimming , browsing around, with beach sandals or barefoot.
Still with no special equipment, these small sections can also be a good idea for an after-dinner stroll. In the off season, salt sea air and fullness guaranteed !
Little Walk

Half-day walk
Lightweight shoes on, drinks and biscuits in the backpack... You are ready for a round walking trip between land and sea during 2 to 5 hours. The path, while some section can be considered remote, remain reasonably close to civilization. Furthermore, in most cases, à la carte distance is possible as public access paths to seafront are common here, even in residential areas.
Half-Day Walk

Long distance paths - a day walk
You also can switch to a more consistent walk, lace up some comfortable walking shoes and get ready for a hike in the great outdoors. during hot summer periods, make sure you bring enough drinking water and food with you. Dial 15 (SAMU) or 112 in case of medical emergency, 17 for Police and 18 for firemen.Also check weather report and sea conditions before you plan the hike, esspecially in winter as some parts submerged by water may be inaccessible .
Long Distance Walk

Just do it...

et bonne balade !

Visit the Coastal Cities & Towns

Not only you can enjoy a great variety of visitors attractions or activities linked to the sea, but coastal cities also reflect the amazing historical, cultural and religious background of Provence.Train is very much recommended, specialy in peak season when traffic jams are a real hassle on intercity roads or A8 highway.
Train and bicycle  - which is common, handy and free (for the bike) here - is far the more pleasant and efficient way to visit.Furthermore, la gare des Arcs (Les Arcs railway & bus station) provides unparalleledconnections all along the coastline between Marseille and Nice.
All towns are reachable within 15 mn to 90 mn in high season. SEARCH COASTAL TOWNS tab provides a global output. A direct access to each town is possible in the search engine column.
Some links are available for pictures (in red) or for further relevant information (in blue). External links are underlined, internal are not.

Just go and...

bonne visite !