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Base Nature (Fréjus)

La Base Nature is a remaining non constructed area within Fréjus. It used to be a Naval Air Station and the still existing runway is now the place where people come for cycling, inline skating or walking.There are also various facilities for everyone:

- rugby, soccer, basketball fields
- skate and BMX parks
- swimming pool
- area for playing pétanque (bowls)
- tennis courts
- picnic area

This large open park of 100 hectares is also a place where events take place all around the year like a BMX Base Contest (april), a Donkey Fair (may), a Car Show (september), the Roc d'Azur (october), the International Air festival (october).

At the entrance, a signboard shows a detailed plan together with relevant informations.
A clic here on Base Nature (Fréjus) opens a new window with full size online map.

Getting there (Estimated time needed in July-August)
 Travel time by train | directions on request 13 mn + Estimated time riding a city or hybrid bicycle (av. speed 17 km.p.h) | directions on request 7 mn = 20 mn
 Estimated time by car | directions on request 39 mn
 Travel time by train | directions on request 13 mn + Estimated time walking | directions on request 30 mn = 43 mn
 Estimated time riding a race-road bicycle (av. speed 28 km.p.h if flat & 22 if hills ) | directions on request 62 mn
Facilities during the peak summer season
Shadded spots
Access for disabled persons
More details
Very likely to be crowded in July August



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