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Plage de Fréjus (Fréjus)


Long urban sandy beach split in many small sections. All attractions and facilities we can expect from a big balnear town nearby including gare (railway station) and parking (car park). A very large choice of bars, restaurants, shops all along the beach. Night market in july and august.
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Activities available here or nearby
Sailing - rentals at Ecole municipale de voile (sailing school) de Fréjus & club nautique
Diving - clubs at Port Fréjus (Fréjus)
Beach Volleyball
Beach Soccer
Water Skiing
Parasailing - at Port Fréjus (Fréjus)

Getting there (Estimated time needed in July-August)
 Travel time by train | directions on request 16 mn + Estimated time riding a city or hybrid bicycle (av. speed 17 km.p.h) | directions on request 2 mn = 18 mn
 Travel time by train | directions on request 16 mn + Estimated time walking | directions on request 11 mn = 27 mn
 Estimated time by car | directions on request 39 mn
 Estimated time riding a race-road bicycle (av. speed 28 km.p.h if flat & 22 if hills ) | directions on request 62 mn
Facilities during the peak summer season
x Shadded spots
Access for disabled persons
More details
Very likely to be crowded in July August
  Not recommended by strong wind heading  SOUTH EAST

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