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Pointe des Sardinaux (Sainte Maxime)


This natural small headland is basically a former military site (see the WW2 bunker concealed in the greenery north side).It has then been preserved from construction and is perfect for a picnic experience surrounded by the sea. Some majestic maritime pine trees will help you stay out of the blinding midday sun. Water is extremely shallow all around: it may be a good idea for the kids to play but La plage de la Nartelle at 5 minutes walking (north) is better for swimming.
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Activities available here or nearby
Jet Skiing - jet rentals: 300m north towards les Issambre at plage de la Nartelle

Getting there (Estimated time needed in July-August)
 Estimated time by car | directions on request 43 mn
 Estimated time riding a race-road bicycle (av. speed 28 km.p.h if flat & 22 if hills ) | directions on request 69 mn
 Travel time by train | directions on request 13 mn + Estimated time riding a city or hybrid bicycle (av. speed 17 km.p.h) | directions on request 71 mn = 84 mn
All year round facilities - How far from ?

Restaurant at 2500 m
Grocery store at 2500 m
Village at 2500 m

Facilities during the peak summer season
Shadded spots
x Access for disabled persons
More details
  Not recommended by strong wind heading  NORTH EAST to SOUTH WEST

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