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Fréjus by bike

Althrough Mediterranean cities in general are not really bicycle friendly - motor vehiclesstill reflect social success - Fréjus has a few spots to stay away from crazy car drivers.

The large parc (decommissioned Naval Air Station) called La Base Nature (Fréjus) is the perfect place to practice in-line skating or family bike riding safely (no access for motor vehicles).

A recommended paved bicycle paths with physical separation from motorized traffic begins right at the North East corner of La Base Nature and winds up the coast to Saint Aygulf.A section between la Plage des Esclamandes (Saint-Aygulf)and le Sentier Etangs de Villepeyis shaded with pine maritime trees (see picture above).
It then links up on a former narrow gauge railway (line St.Raphaël - Toulon closed in 1948) once called Le Train des Pignes now paved and shared with local traffic from place to place.

Fréjus - Cycling Routes nearby

Area : Maures
Distance : 71 km
Difficulty Rating : 2/5

71 km through le Massif des Maures then along the coastline mostly on separate bicycle lane. Way back by train from Fréjus (13mn).



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